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1) Where is the goods come from?

The collections of luxury watchers are sourced from authorised dealers and wholesalers that are corporate with our professional procurement team. They are brand new and genuine guarantee.


2) Does the product has all the original accessories? Including the factory warranty ?

Yes. They are all sourced from the official authorised dealers. Therefore they have all the original accessories such as container boxes warranty cards and the bagdes, exactly the same as what you can purchase in Hong Kong authorised stockists.


3) Does the watch has warranty?

Yes our watches have international warranty according to the brands.


4) Are the watches genuine and authentic?

Our watches are all from the highly reputated retailers merchants  which participate in the "No Fakes Pledge" Scheme run by Hong Kong Intellectual Property department.


(All participating retail merchants of the "No Fakes Pledge" Scheme have committed not to sell or deal in counterfeit or pirated goods and to sell only genuine goods. All retail merchants participating in the "No Fakes Pledge" Scheme will post the "No Fakes" stickers and the cards in their shops. With the "No Fakes" logo, tourists and consumers can easily identify reliable retailers and shop with confidence.)